In order to meet the diverse requirements of our valued patrons, we are engaged in offering a qualitative range of P-Nitroacetanilide at economical rates in the market. We have a team of skilled and qualified experts who manufactures the P-Nitroacetanilide under well-facilitated processing units, and using high-grade materials. The P-Nitroacetanilide is in high demand as they promise high performance, and is used primarily as an intermediate in the manufacture of 2,4-dinitroaniline, which is used as a dye and corrosion inhibitor.


Details :

  • Density : 1.340
  • Storage Temperature : 2-8 degree Celsius
  • Merck : 14,6581
  • Mp : 213-215 Degree C


Name:  Acetamide,N-(4-nitrophenyl)-
Superlist Name:  4'-Nitroacetanilide
CAS No: 104-04-1
Formula: C8H8N2O3

Synonyms : N-Acetyl-4-nitroaniline;N-Acetyl-4-nitrobenzenamine;N-Acetyl-p-nitroaniline;NSC 1315;p-Acetamidonitrobenzene;p-Nitroacetanilide;Acetanilide,4'-nitro- (6CI,8CI);Acetanilide, p-nitro- (3CI);1-Nitro-4-acetylaminobenzene;4-(Acetylamino)nitrobenzene;N-(4-Nitrophenyl)acetamide;N-(p-Nitrophenyl)acetamide;


Mp :213-215 °C(lit.)
Density : 1.340
Storage temp. : 2-8°C
Merck : 14,6581
BRN :2211962
Stability : Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.