We are engaged in making available pure Hydroxyurea chemical. Clients can avail Hydroxyurea from us in safe packing and at the leading market prices.

  • Formula CH4N2O2
  • Synonyms :
    • Urea,hydroxy- (6CI,8CI,9CI)
    • Biosupressin
    • Carbamohydroxamicacid
    • Carbamohydroximicacid
    • Carbamoyloxime;Droxia
    • HU
    • Hidrix
    • Hydrea
    • Hydreia
    • Hydroxycarbamide
    • Hydroxylamine, N-(aminocarbonyl)
    • Hydura
    • Hydurea
    • Litaler
    • Litalir
    • N-Carbamoylhydroxylamine
    • NCI C04831
    • NSC 32065
    • Onco-Carbide
    • Oxyrea
    • Oxyurea
    • SK 22591
    • SQ 1089

Indications : Hydroxyurea(COS) is mainly used for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), slow grow speed of the grain of red blood cells, genuine period and lost-voice disease, and it also has curative effect for head and neck primary squamous cell carcinoma, recurrent metastatic ovarian cancer, etc. And in radiation therapy and when used as radiotherapy sensitization agent, Hydroxyurea(COS) can increase the curative effect of head and neck cancer treatment.

Minimum Order Quantity : 10 kg